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Archive Monthly Archives: November 2018

Alphabet, Amazon, Netflix, 8 IBD 50 Stocks Are Morgan Stanley ‘Secular Growth’ Picks

Alphabet (GOOGL), (AMZN), Adobe (ADBE) and Netflix (NFLX) count among the best growth stocks in Morgan Stanley’s annual update of its “Secular Growth Stocks” list. The investment firm also looked further afield from top technology stocks for “names we expect to grow strongly well into the future,” from travel to pharmaceuticals to retail.Google parent […]

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10 Stocks to Buy for a Rate Hike Slowdown

Is the rate hike boogeyman gone? The market certainly thinks so. After Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell delivered a shockingly dovish speech at The Economic Club of New York on Wednesday afternoon, markets took off like a rocket ship. Investors sifted through the newly christened stocks to buy on the premise that the Fed’s rate […]

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3 Stocks the World’s Best Investors Are Buying Right Now

It’s never a good idea to blindly mimic the actions of billionaire investors, but it can be useful to keep track of what the world’s best investors are buying and selling. Best Buy (NYSE:BBY), PG&E (NYSE:PCG), and Sirius XM Holdings (NASDAQ:SIRI) are three stocks that have recently been popular with big-time investors. Here’s what you […]

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As The Famous ‘FAANG’ Trade Falters, These Five Tech Stocks Are The New Favorites Of Top Analysts

The so-called FAANG stocks are still looking pretty precarious right now. In the last three months, both Facebook and Apple have plunged over 20 percent. Amazon and Netflix haven’t fared much better, and even the relatively-stable Alphabet is trading down 15 percent.So let’s look past FAANG stocks for a moment. There are plenty of other […]

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Value ETFs Primed To “Spring Back”?

Research suggests that the current economic backdrop and recent market turbulence means value ETFs are potentially primed to “spring back”.Global sell-offGlobal equity markets suffered a significant market correction in October. The MSCI World Index, consisting of stocks from 23 developed market countries, fell 7.3% during the month, while the MSCI Emerging Markets Index tumbled by […]

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General Motors: If We Skip The Noise & Just Look At The Price Charts

Many analysts in the business media are offering opinions about the decision by General Motors CEO Mary Barra to close plants and send workers to unemployment lines. President Trump’s criticism of the actions makes for volatile daily price moves — he’d campaigned on a promise to keep car plants such as these open. His “promises […]

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3 Growth Stocks for in-the-Know Investors

Sometimes opportunity comes from little-known names that are only just beginning to make waves; other times, it may be the well-known brand that the masses have fallen out of love with. Either way, savvy investors know how to unearth stocks with big potential where others may not be looking. The result can be game-changing returns […]

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Sentiment Speaks: Are We Approaching A ‘Once-In-A-Century’ Type Event In The Stock Market?

As many of you know, I will often read articles written by others – along with the comments – to gauge the overall sentiment of the market from an anecdotal perspective. During one of my recent perusals of articles, I noticed a quote of the following statement by Sir John Templeton:For 100 years optimists have […]

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Jefferies Has Huge Contrarian Semiconductor Call: 5 Stocks to Buy Now

If you were long the semiconductors at the start of October, probably the last thing you want to do is buy into or even think about the industry now. However, the bottom line for aggressive accounts is these stocks have been hit so hard that multiples and valuations have been knocked to the lowest levels […]

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