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Archive Monthly Archives: October 2018

Meanwhile, Small Caps Are Crashing In Biggest Divergence In 7 Years

The Dow surged to a new record high today as Small Caps slump post-USMCA… Another major divergence between big (Dow) and small (Russell 2000) stocks as the former soars relative to the latter and erases any relative performance YTD… This is the biggest outperformance of Dow over Small Caps since Oct 2011. Both are now […]

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Irrational Exuberance?

Authored by Lance Roberts via, On December 5th, 1996, during a televised speech then Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan stated: “Clearly, sustained low inflation implies less uncertainty about the future, and lower risk premiums imply higher prices of stocks and other earning assets. We can see that in the inverse relationship exhibited by price/earnings ratios and […]

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Deutsche Bank Trader Lied To Prosecutors To Protect $9 Million Bonus

Amazingly, more than six years since the scandal first broke – and more than three since Deutsche Bank took a guilty plea and paid $2.5 billion fine to settle allegations stemming from US and UK authorities – traders from the six bulge bracket banks that ultimately copped to charges that they conspired to manipulate Libor […]

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Trump Takes Victory Lap Over New 'NAFTA' Deal In Rose Garden Press Conference

Update: President Trump’s “victory lap” press conference is going more or less as one would expect. Flanked by senior administration officials, he declared that the USCMA trade agreement was “the most important deal we’ve ever made by far.” By comparison, the NAFTA deal that it will probably replace was “one of the worst trade deals […]

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What Will Model 3 Numbers Be For Tesla's Most Important Quarter In Its History?

As the all-important third quarter draws to a close, and with Elon Musk’s legal problems for now in the rearview mirror, everybody is scrambling to come up with an accurate estimate of the number of Model 3 vehicles that Tesla will have produced and delivered during a quarter that is supposed to push the company into […]

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IMF's Lagarde Warns "Clouds On Horizon Have Materialized", Global Growth To Slow

IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde just stole the consensus jam out of the global recovery donut, warning during a speech in Washington that trade wars and tighter credit are dimming economic outlooks, signaling that her outlook for 3.9% growth may be overdone. The fund will update its World Economic Outlook on Oct. 9 ahead of […]

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Italian Stocks, Bonds, Euro Tumble After Europe Says Budget "Almost Certainly Violates Rules"

After posting strong gains in early trading, the rally in Italian stocks has faded sharply, with the FTSEMIB index now down 0.6% after rallying 1.8% earlier and Italian bonds tumbled to session lows after Italy’s proposal for a 2.4% budget deficit saw a frosty reception at the European finance ministers gathering in Luxembourg. Italy’s embattled […]

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'Sunday Night Football' Ratings Hit Season Low As Stadiums Fail To Fill Seats

The NFL suffered another blow this weekend after ratings for its most watched program, Sunday Night Football, hit a season low according to Deadline – thought metered market results are up year-over-year 12% after last year’s SNF aired one day after the Las Vegas shooting at Mandalay Bay.  In a 26 -14 win on SNF, the Baltimore Ravens are now […]

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Emerging Markets Slammed By Soaring Oil Prices

US consumers may be cursing rising gasoline prices which are rapidly approaching an average of $3.00 across the nation as Brent hits a new 4 year high above $84, but that is nothing compared to the horror that motorists across most emerging markets are facing.  With currencies across the developing world tumbling as a result […]

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Ron Paul: Venezuela's Socialism… And Ours

Authored by Ron Paul via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity, This week we witnessed the horrible spectacle of Nikki Haley, President Trump’s Ambassador to the United Nations, joining a protest outside the UN building and calling for the people of Venezuela to overthrow their government. “We are going to fight for Venezuela,” […]

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