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Archive Monthly Archives: August 2018

"You Are Criminalizing Diplomacy!" Professor Stephen Cohen Slams Neocon Max Boot In CNN Debate

Stephen Cohen schooled prominent ‘Never Trump’ neocon and Council on Foreign Relations member Max Boot on CNN’s Anderson Cooper this week on the Trump-Putin Helsinki summit and general charges related to ‘Russiagate’.  It’s worth watching especially as it underscores why recognized academic experts are rarely given airtime on the mainstream networks if their perspective lies outside the […]

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India To Purchase US Missile Shield For National Capital Region

To safeguard major cities across India, the government is in discussion with Washington to procure the next-generation air defense system to protect the National Capital Region (NCR) from Chinese or Pakistani aerial threats. The process for procuring the National Advanced Surface to Air Missile System-II (NASAMS-II), a distributed and networked medium to long-range air-defense system, is currently […]

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"Doomsday Weapon" – How Could The West Respond To Russia's Underwater Nuke Drone?

Mikhail Khodarenok, military commentator for, via, US and British navies could counter Russia’s nuclear-powered autonomous torpedo, Poseidon, by using undersea sensors and anti-submarine aircraft, writes Covert Shores website. But is this really a viable tactic? The development of the Poseidon unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV), originally known as ‘Status-6’, was first mentioned in November […]

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Spain Overtakes Italy For Migrant Arrivals

There were dramatic scenes on a Spanish beach packed with tourists on Friday when a dinghy crammed with migrants landed in the surf. Its occupants quickly scattered among the holidaymakers with the police in pursuit. It was a busy weekend for the Spanish authorities who managed to rescue nearly 1,000 migrants from the Mediterranean with […]

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The Greek Disaster: State Inertia And The Market Economy

Authored by Andreas Andrianopoulos via The Strategic Culture Foundation, What happened in Attica, close to Athens, is without precedent. An ordinary fire, like the ones that occur in this area almost every other summer, met up with a terrible, sudden wind that turned it into real galloping inferno. The tragic result was 87 dead Greek […]

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Watch Russian Supersonic Anti-Ship Missile Destroy Mock Enemy Vessel

According to the Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD), Russian jets, including Su-34 fighters, Su-30SM, Su-24, Su-34 and Su-25 attack aircraft, participated in a series of military exercises in the Caspian Sea along with the Russian Navy Caspian Flotilla about a week ago. In total, about ten naval ships of the Caspian fleet and about 50 […]

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