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Archive Monthly Archives: June 2018

These Are The Cheapest "Market Shock" Hedges Right Now

With the “smart” money (as defined by Don Hays) exiting the stock market in droves, yield curves collapsing (now with extra help from a “Twisting” ECB), extreme speculative positioning in bonds, and a dramatically diverging economic reality from market market narratives, the possibility of a crash – Fed triggered or not – is rising. Do […]

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Maxine Waters Lashes Out: "If You Shoot Me, You Better Shoot Straight"

Rep Maxine Waters (D-CA) is blaming a series of death threats on comments made by President Trump over Twitter, following her call last weekend for the public to form into mobs and physically confront members of the Trump administration. “If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, […]

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Canadian Restaurant Destroyed On Yelp After MAGA Hat Incident

Trump-hating Canadians flooded the Yelp page of a restaurant with one-star reviews after a manager was fired for ejecting a man wearing a “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) hat, reports The Hill. Canada’s NBC News reported that former manager Darren Hodge, who had worked at the Teahouse in Vancouver’s Stanley Park for 18 months, told the customer that […]

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Outsourcing Morality

Authored by Robert Gore via Straight Line Logic blog, All the benefits of virtue without the costs… Remember when you had to do something virtuous to signal your virtue? Some of the virtuous way back when did virtuous acts and didn’t even tell anyone else about them. If you go into older museums and other […]

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Israeli Dual Citizen Convicted Of Making Hundreds Of Hoax Bomb Threats Against Jewish Centers

An court in Israel has convicted a 19-year-old American-Israeli man of making hundreds of threats to bomb or otherwise attack Jewish schools and community centers.  Michael Ron David Kadar of Southern Israel attempted to conceal his identity to make threatening phone calls and electronic threats to the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia – forcing evacuations, emergency airplane landings and […]

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Paul Craig Roberts: Two Views Of The Putin-Trump Summit

Authored by Paul Craig Roberts, The meeting that the Deep State strived to make impossible with fabricated “Russiagate” assertions and an orchestrated “investigation” by Mueller has now been set in place by no less than Deep State neocon operative John Bolton. Patrick Lang explains how this came about.     Many see benefits from the […]

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In San Francisco, Families Making $117,000 Qualify For Low-Income Housing

Shortly after officials revealed that San Francisco had become the first US city to mandate a $15 minimum wage in accordance with a law passed in 2014 – and just in the nick of time, too. Because home prices in San Francisco have risen so rapidly that Business Insider reported Saturday that applicants for affordable […]

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Is One Man About To Collapse German Politics As We Know It?

Authored by Jorg Luyken via The Local, On Sunday the Christian Social Union (CSU) are set to meet to vote on whether to back Horst Seehofer in his plan to turn asylum seekers back at the German border. If Seehofer follows through, the move will have incalculable consequences for German politics. What is the problem? […]

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America's Cheese Stockpile Just Hit A Record High

The Washington Post reports American warehouses have amassed their most massive stockpile of cheese in more than 100 years since government regulators began tracking dairy products, the result of oversupplied domestic markets and waning consumer demand. Commercial and government cheese storage facilities now have a whopping 1.39 billion-pound surplus, counted by the Agriculture Department in May and […]

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Moon Fuel: A New Multi-Trillion Dollar Treasure

Authored by  via, India’s space program wants to go where no nation has gone before – to the south side of the moon. And once it gets there, it will study the potential for mining a source of waste-free nuclear energy that could be worth trillions of dollars. The nation’s equivalent of NASA […]

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