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Archive Monthly Archives: May 2018

Why You're Likely Exposed To One Of The Dumbest Investments In History

Authored by Simon Black via, Last June, in one of the most egregious displays of economic insanity, Argentina was able to raise $2.75 billion by selling bonds with a ONE HUNDRED YEAR maturity. Even more miraculously, the bond turned out to be wildly popular with investors. So basically investors willingly forked over billions of dollars to […]

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Deutsche: "Every Fed Tightening Cycle Creates A Crisis"

One of our favorite charts which certainly is worth 1,000 words or more (and which we last showed just 2 days ago), is the following from Bank of America Chief Investment Strategist Michael Hartnett, which shows that not only does every Fed tightening cycle end with a financial “event”, a polite banker word for crash… […]

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"Why I'm Leaving Marquette University"

Authored by Zachary Petrizzo, first published on Campus Reform, I am leaving Marquette University due to the rampant political bias on campus and the school’s growing separation from the Catholic Church. When I made the decision to attend college, I wanted to be a part of a community of learners that pushed boundaries, yet still […]

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FBI Spy Halper Made "False, Absurd" Claims Of Russian Infiltration At Cambridge Involving Flynn

FBI informant Stefan Halper, who infiltrated the Trump campaign for the FBI during the 2016 election for the purposes of espionage, said that Russians had infiltrated the University of Cambridge where he works – allegations which those involved say are “false” and “absurd.”  Halper made the “false allegations” in December 2016 about a Russian co-worker based on […]

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The "Trend Is Your Friend" Until It's Not…

Authored by Michael Lebowitz via RealInvestmentAdvice,com, Before February 2018, the S&P 500 was positive for a record 15 months in a row. Despite the seemingly perfect track record, a series of daily record highs, and unprecedented levels of positive investor sentiment, the market’s tone changed abruptly in the last few days of January. Since the […]

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Erdogan Tells Turks Not To Exchange Their Crashing Lira Into Foreign Currency

In a desperate attempt to prevent a currency crisis just as the Turkish Lira was crashing to record lows, dragging Turkish bonds and the broader economy with it, today the Turkish Central Bank did what many expected it would do long ago: it hiked rates in an emergency meeting, pushing the Late Liquidity Window rate […]

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Kass: "These Are The Ingredients Of A Toxic Market Cocktail"

Authored by Doug Kass via Seabreeze Partners, Surprise #7: Stagflation Emerges in the Last Half of 2018 and the Fed Tightens Four Times Though economic growth slows, wage growth begins to spike.  When unemployment falls to 3.5% a labor shortage develops and unit labor costs rise by 4% by the end of 2018.  Oil spikes […]

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Saudis Release Photo Of Crown Prince To Deny Rumors Of His Death

As wild speculation and questions abounded early this week over the whereabouts and status of Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) — with some going so far as to suggest he was assassinated during a palace shootout a month ago — Saudi Arabia tried to clamp down on the rumors by releasing an awkward photo of the crown prince socializing […]

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Bond Bears Battered As Yields Tumble But Credit & Cryptos Crushed

Well that escalated quickly… Bond, Buy Bond…   Markets appear to have interpreted FOMC Minutes in a dovish manner, sending the dollar lower and bonds, stocks, and gold higher…   Overall, stocks managed to scramble back into the green for the day after the Fed…with growthy Nasdaq bid after the dovish Fed statement… Growth >> […]

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Iran Lists 7 Conditions To Remain In Nuclear Deal

Two days after US Secretary of State laid out 12 draconian conditions for the US enter into a new nuclear deal with Iran, among which that Tehran must stop enrichment of uranium and never pre-process plutonium, allow nuclear inspectors “unqualified access to all sites throughout the country”, withdraw all of its forces from Syria, end […]

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