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Archive Monthly Archives: May 2018

Rudy Giuliani Says Trump-Mueller Interview Would Be "2-3 Hours, Max"

Rudy Giuliani just dropped an important clue about the fate of a possible meeting between President Trump and Special Counsel Robert Mueller. In a series of tweets posted just minutes after the New York Times reported that White House lawyer Ty Cobb would be “retiring” from President Trump’s legal team, Washington Post reporter Robert Costa […]

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Mueller's Former Assistant Alleges Trump Team Leaked Questions To Kill Interview

Mere minutes after we published a post speculating that President Trump’s latest denunciation of the Mueller probe could be part of a ploy to push him to spurn Mueller’s request for an interview, a CNN analyst named Michael Zeldin – who once worked as Mueller’s assistant – put forth a strikingly similar theory. Zeldin pointed […]

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Nomura: Dollar Is Soaring As Markets Capitulate To "Synchronized Global Growth" Narrative

One week ago we warned that a major USD short squeeze is taking place, and that it has the potential to get much worse for dollar bears. Today, Nomura’s X-asset guru Charlie Mcelligott explains that, in his view, the reason why the dollar has so dramatically reversed direction in the past two weeks, in the […]

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Facebook Stumbles After Announcing "Clear History" Feature, Developers Angry

Facebook is sliding lower today, back to earnings night levels, after announcing the implementation of a ‘Clear History’ feature will allow users to delete information from their accounts and to turn off Facebook’s ability to store information associated with accounts going forward. Via By Erin Egan, VP and Chief Privacy Officer Getting Feedback On New […]

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West Coast Rapper Issues "Crip Alert" To "Fu*k Kanye Up","Bang On His Ass"

A former associate of rapper Snoop Dogg has put out a nationwide “Crip alert” for Kanye West on social media, calling on “all the Crips out there” to “Fu*k Kanye up” over West’s support of Donald Trump and black conservative Candace Owens.  “Yo national alert, all the Crips out there, y’all f— Kanye up,” reads an Instagram post […]

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Goldman Fined $110 Million For "Improperly" Rigging The FX Market

First Deutsche, then BNP, and now it’s Goldman’s turn to pay the Fed a token fee for making billions in manipulating the FX market from 2008 to 2013. The Department of Financial Service announced on Tuesday that Goldman had agreed to pay the Federal Reserve $54.75 million, and an identical fine to the New York […]

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The Next Step In Crypto's Evolution: Consolidation

Authored by Jan Bauer via, The crypto market has been running on steroids, and like an adrenaline junkie, it risks seriously burning out or suffering a catastrophic heart attack. In fact, the industry is evolving at such a breakneck speed that Morgan Stanley recently drew parallels between crypto and the Nasdaq prior to the Dotcom crash, […]

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US Officials: Israel Preparing For War With Iran, Seeking US Support

Not that there was much doubt who was behind it, but two days after “enemy” warplanes attacked a Syrian military base near Hama on Sunday, killing at least 11 Iranians and dozens of others, and nobody had yet “claimed responsibility” the attack, US officials told NBC that it was indeed Israeli F-15 fighter jets that […]

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Bullish Hopes Clash With Bearish Signals

Authored by Lance Roberts via, In this past weekend’s missive, I quoted Jeffrey Hirsch, editor of the “StockTrader’s Almanac,” on the entrance of the market into the “seasonally weak” 6-month period for stocks. “May officially marks the beginning of the ‘Worst Six Months’ for the DJIA and S&P. To wit: ‘Sell in May and go away.’ May has […]

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