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Archive Monthly Archives: February 2018

Russian "Troll Farm" Indictment Shredded By Journalist Who First Profiled It In 2015

Following Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s indictment of 13 Russian nationals and three entities behind a Russian “troll farm” said to have meddled in the 2016 U.S. election (admittedly, with zero impact), two people familiar with both the ads purchased by Russians on Facebook, and the “troll farm” in question have refuted Mueller’s narrative over the course of […]

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Brandon Smith: New Fed Chairman Will Trigger A Historic Stock Market Crash In 2018

Authored by Brandon Smith via, Ever since the credit and equities crash of 2008, Americans have been bombarded relentlessly with the narrative that our economy is “in recovery”. For some people, simply hearing this ad nauseam is enough to stave off any concerns they may have for the economy. For some of us, however, […]

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India To Build Major Overseas Military Base Off Africa To Combat China

India is preparing to construct a significant overseas military base on an island in Seychelles, an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, off East Africa to counter growing Chinese influence in the Indian Ocean. Last month, Seychelles and India signed a twenty-year agreement, permitting the Indian military to build an airbase and naval […]

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History Lessons From Years Under Islamism

Authored by Majid Rafizadeh via The Gatestone Institute, In Iran, my generation, the first after Islamism came to power, is called the Burnt Generation (Persian: Nasl-e Sukhteh). Our generation earned this name for having to endure the brutality of the Islamist and theocratic regime from the time we were born, to adulthood. This brutality included […]

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Chinese Official Tackled By US Secret Service Agent In Nuclear Football Scuffle

A Chinese security official was tackled by a US Secret Service agent in an incident involving the U.S. “nuclear football” during President Donald Trump’s visit to Beijing last year, according to a Sunday report by Axios. The “football” or “president’s emergency satchel” is an 45-lb aluminum-framed Zero Halliburton briefcase inside a black leather “jacket,” in which a plastic card with the […]

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"Their Objective Is To Create Fear…"

Authored by Jeff Thomas via, The Social Justice trend has appeared in recent years, and has rapidly gained momentum. It appeared first on college campuses, where students accused a professor or, indeed, another student, of making a statement or using a word that was deemed socially unacceptable. The premise by the accuser was that […]

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Munich Conference: "For The First Time In Decades We Are Facing Threat Of Nuclear Conflict"

Over the past fifty years, the Munich Security Conference (MSC) has traditionally reflected the current state of world military affairs. Each February, more than 450 senior decision-makers from around the globe descend into Munich, Germany, to discuss current and future security challenges. And while there have been times in recent years when the MSC demonstrated […]

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Paul Craig Roberts Sums Up The Result Of Mueller's Investigation: "Nothing!"

Authored by Paul Craig Roberts, Robert Mueller discredited himself and his orchestrated Russiagate investigation last week (Friday, February 16, 2018) with his charges that 13 Russians and 3 Russian companies plotted to use social media to influence the 2016 election. Their intent, Mueller says, was to “sow discord in the US political system.” What pathetic […]

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The Flu Is Ravaging America This Year

The U.S. has been gripped by its worst flu season in years. Experts have been surprised by the intensity of the current outbreak, which Statista’s Niall McCarthy notes, with the infection rate around eight percent, is as bad as the swine flu epidemic from 2009. During that season, 60.8 million people contracted the virus with 274,304 hospitalized […]

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The Three Global Super-Powers & The End Of M.A.D.

Authored by Eric Zuesse via The Strategic Culture Foundation, There are currently three global super-powers, three nations that lead the world: China, Russia, and US. After World War II, until recently, the US clearly dominated the world, not only culturally, with more influence over the world’s other cultures than any other single nation possessed, but also economically, […]

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