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Archive Monthly Archives: February 2018

Watch As Drone 'Dive-Bombs' US Passenger Jet Landing In Vegas Airport

Drone racing is a high-tech sport sweeping across the United States. Millennials are rushing to become the next drone pilot building these fast and agile multi-rotor crafts in their parents’ basements. All of these drones are controlled through FPV (First Person View) systems. FPV is a type of flying system where pilots use cameras to fly drones […]

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Who Let Dr. Strangelove Write The Pentagon's Nuclear Posture Review?

Authored by Julia Conley via, The Pentagon’s official outline for its use of nuclear force was denounced as “radical” and “extreme” by prominent anti-nuclear weapons groups when it was released Friday afternoon—confirming peace advocates’ worst fears that the Trump administration would seek to expand the use of nuclear force. “Who in their right mind thinks we […]

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Nunes: FISA Memo Just "Phase One," Now Targeting State Department In "Phase Two"

Devin Nunes (R-CA) said that the investigation leading up to the four-page FISA memo released on Friday was only “phase one,” and that the House Intelligence Committee is currently in the middle of investigating the State Department over their involvement in surveillance abuses.  “We are in the middle of what I call phase two of our […]

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How Do You Hide Stolen Cryptocurrency?

The anonymous nature of digital wallets continues to stymie investigators in last week’s theft of 58 billion yen ($530 million) worth of NEM cryptocurrency from a Tokyo exchange, the biggest cryptocurrency heist in history. Authorities know which user accounts were affected by the Jan. 26 hacking, and the accounts holding the pilfered funds can be […]

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Video Captures Cruise Missile Strike On Militants That Shot Down Russian Fighter Jet In Syria

The Russian Ministry of Defense has released footage showing a precision strike against terrorists in the northwest Syria province of Idlib, following the downing of an Su-25 jet. The pilot, Roman Nikolaevich Filippov safely ejected – only to be killed by militants on the ground, according to the Ministry.  Earlier, Ebaa Agency released a video of the […]

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Uma Thurman Says Her Assault By Weinstein Was Like "A Bat To The Head"

After months of telling inquiring reporters that she would share her “Weinstein story” when she felt ready Uma Thurman – one of the actresses most closely associated with the Weinstein brothers’ Miramax film production studio – has finally opened up to the New York Times about her history of rape and abuse at the hands […]

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The FISA Memo, Obama, And The Election that Almost Wasn't

Authored by Tom Luongo, “Round up the usual suspects,” will be as far as the Democrats will be willing to go in the wake of the FISA memo’s release. There is nothing in that memo that anyone following the Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation doesn’t already know. All the memo does is corroborate the bread […]

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Yesterday, we highlighted a story that pulled back the curtain on the shady world of media sites paying for traffic – a practice that countless social-media influencers and AdSense scammers have employed for years to help monetize their respective platforms. As it turns out, IBT Media, the publisher of Newsweek and the International Business Times, […]

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Super Bowl LII: Most Rooting For The Eagles

The Eagles and the Patriots will be going head to head tomorrow to compete for Super Bowl LII. Historically, the Patriots have pedigree, with five wins in total. The Eagles, very much playing up to their underdog tag, are looking to win their first, having been beaten in 1981 and 2005 – the latter a narrow […]

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Paul Craig Roberts Rages At Washington's Nuclear Posture Review

Authored by Paul Craig Roberts, The World Will Not Survive the American Neoconservatives’ Doctrine of US World Hegemony The government of the United States is clearly in demonic hands. We are overflowing with proof. Take Friday (2-2-18) for example. A report from the House Intelligence Committee was released that is proof that the Federal Bureau […]

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