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Archive Monthly Archives: January 2018

Connecticut's Towns Are Crying For Help: But Will Hartford Listen?

As we’ve pointed out time and time again, the government of the state of Connecticut is sinking into debt at a time when rising interest rates and a shrinking tax base are threatening to crush the state’s economy. The primary culprit? By most accounts, it’s public-sector unions, who have leveraged their enormous political influence in […]

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How Long Before Artificial Intelligence Makes Humans Redundant?

Authored by Daisy Luther via The Organic Prepper blog, With all of the recent advances in artificial intelligence, are you starting to get worried? You really have to wonder how long it will be before human beings become redundant. Maybe you should be concerned. In many cases, robots can easily replace humans in the manufacturing […]

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Six Years After Bankruptcy, Stockton Is Preparing To Start Handing Out Free Money

Almost six years after a judge declared Stockton, Calif the most populous US municipality to ever declare bankruptcy, the city has struggled through a painful Chapter 9 restructuring, but its primarily agriculture-based economy remains mired in poverty. As KQED News explains, Stockton residents are struggling with stagnant wages, rising home prices due to the city’s […]

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Ukraine Tests Fires First-Ever Cruise Missile Aimed At Neutralizing "Russian Aggressors"

On Tuesday, Ukrainian armed forces conducted the first-ever cruise missile test capable of hitting land and sea targets, National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov announced. According to Turchynov, the cruise missile is locally made in Ukraine by manufacturers of the State Enterprise “State Kyiv Design Bureau Luch” in cooperation with other state […]

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California's 'Other' Drought: A Major Earthquake Is Overdue

Authored by Richard Aster via, California earthquakes are a geologic inevitability. The state straddles the North American and Pacific tectonic plates and is crisscrossed by the San Andreas and other active fault systems. The magnitude 7.9 earthquake that struck off Alaska’s Kodiak Island on Jan. 23, 2018 was just the latest reminder of major […]

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Taiwan Holds Live-Fire War-Drills Amid Fears Of China Invasion

As the Trump administration has maintained its focus on the North Korean threat, there is another, potentially more severe, crisis unfolding in the Taiwan Strait between China and Taiwan. Relations between China and Taiwan have deteriorated since President Tsai Ing-wen took office in May 2016, Beijing cut off communications with Taipei, stripped it of its democratic allies, and even conducted […]

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PCR: Washington Reaches New Heights of Insanity With The "Kremlin Report"

Authored by Paul Craig Roberts, In an act of insane escalation of provocations against Russia, Washington has produced a list of 210 top Russian government officials and important business executives who are “gangsters,” “members of Putin’s gang,” “threats,” “people deserving to be sanctioned,” or however the Western presstitutes care to explain the list. The absurd […]

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Nunes Hits Back Against FBI FISA Memo Freakout

Now that the bombshell “FISA memo” has been released to the White House for review – and President Trump said he will allow its public release “100 percent” – despite protests from the DOJ and FBI Director Christopher Wray, efforts are underway to attack the report’s credibility by hinting at collusion between Rep. Devin Nunes, whose office authored the […]

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BOJ Unexpectedly Boosts Bond Buying Operation To Halt Rise In Yields

First thing this morning we reported that as part of the global bond selloff, overnight Japan’s 10-year bond yield briefly rose by more than 2bps above 0.10%, the highest since July 11, with traders commenting that any sustained increase in the 10-year yield to 0.1% would test speculation that the BOJ will offer to buy […]

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White People Practicing Yoga Are Xenophobes, Michigan State Professor Claims

Authored by Jena Greene via The Smoke Room, White people are ruining sacred things at an alarming rate, according to Michigan State professor Shreena Gandhi, who recently penned the essay “Yoga and the Roots of Cultural Appropriation.” Gandhi, a professor of religious studies at MSU, claims that Americans who practice yoga are contributing to white […]

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