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Archive Monthly Archives: November 2017

Unless the New Fed Chair is Named "Math" His Views Are Irrelevant

According to the Wall Street Journal, Jerome Powell will be the next Fed Chair. Whether or not this is fact is difficult to tell. Neither the White House nor Powell himself has confirmed the news. However, at the end of the day, who leads the Fed is largely irrelevant. Regardless of your position on Fed […]

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Bitcoin Surges To New Record High $6600 On Futures Hope & Fork Dividends

Amid hopes for more mainstream adoption, thanks to CME launching Bitcoin futures, and expectations of another ‘fork dividend’ as the SegWitzx software update looms, Bitcoin prices have soared above $6600 this morning… It appears traders are rotating out of other cryptos into Bitcoin once again… Sending Bitcoin above $108 billion market cap and over $6600… […]

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Invest In Gold To Defend Against Bail-ins

Invest In Gold To Defend Against Bail-ins  – Italy’s Veneto banking meltdown destroyed 200,000 savers and 40,000 businesses– EU bail-in rules have wiped out billions for savers and and businesses, with more at risk – Bail-ins are not unique to Italy, all Western savers are at risk of seeing savings disappear–  Counterparty-free, physical gold bullion is best defence against […]

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Is Blockchain Ushering in a New Era of Deal-Making?

In the ever-expanding modern global economy, international deal-making is an integral part of trading, investments, and exchanging value across national borders. Dealings on a domestic platform are easier to conduct, where contract-driven activities can be verified in person and more reliably, without leaving much room for fraudulent activity or valuable information to be compromised. For […]

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Treasurys Gain, Curve Flattens After Refunding Auction Sizes Remain Unchanged

When previewing today’s FOMC announcement, we said that at least according to some, this morning’s refunding announcement may have a bigger impact on the market as there is less consensus (and more confusion) about what would be unveiled. As JPM analyst Jay Barry told Bloomberg, the quarterly refunding announcement at 8:30am ET Wednesday “has the […]

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Stockman Slams Mueller's Mugging Of America: The Case Of Baby George Papadopoulos

Authored by David Stockman via David Stockman’s Contra Corner blog, This is how the Deep State crushes disobedience by the unwashed American public. It indicts not only ham sandwiches but, apparently, political infants in diapers too, if that’s what it takes. Hence the sudden notoriety of Baby George Papadopoulos, who pled guilty to “lying” about an essentially immaterial date to the FBI. […]

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Schumer Fires Back After Trump Blames His Immigration Policy For NYC Terror Attack

Update: Schumer has responded on twitter, first blasting Trump’s accusation, stating “I guess it’s not too soon to politicize a tragedy”… I guess it’s not too soon to politicize a tragedy. — Chuck Schumer (@SenSchumer) November 1, 2017 … as well as posting a statement in response to Trump’s proposed funding cuts to anti-terrorism efforts: […]

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5s30s Curve Collapses To Flattest Since November 2007

Ignoring the bullish ADP report, the yield curve, and especially the 5s30s has collapsed, bear flattening to 82.8bps, the lowest level since November 2007. The long end leads the gains across the curve, with 30Y yields richer by 1.7bp on the day, breaching 2.86% for first time since Oct. 20; while 5Y yields are cheaper […]

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NYC Attacker Bragged About Attack In Hospital; Pleased With His "Success"

Update: Reports of the details of investigators’ conversations with Saipov are beginning to leak. While it’s unclear what, if anything, investigators learned from him, one official told ABC News the suspect seemed “proud” of the attack. Investigators spent the overnight hours collecting video and still images from traffic and surveillance cameras along the route of […]

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