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Archive Monthly Archives: April 2016

3 Steps For Collecting a Monthly Trading Paycheck…(retirement included!)

Would you like to collect a weekly ‘paycheck’ of up to $431.39 by making a few simple trades? If you’re like many investors, I’m sure the answer is an unequivocal ‘YES!’… In fact, that’s the reality for many investors across America. They’re using this technique to top up their retirement pot by up to $22,432.28 every year! Take Michael […]

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Weekly Options Strategy Puts Two Sons Through College

Michael Shulman had a dilemma that countless parents across America can relate to – how to fund their kids’ high education costs. In his case, he had two sons about to enter college at the same time. “I discovered I had two choices,” he said, “either empty my retirement account and hope I could make […]

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