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Weekend Reading: Errant Thinking
Submitted by Lance Roberts via, Last week, I penned a post entitled “You Can’t Time The Market?” which was[...]
CNN Responds To Being Blocked From White House Press Briefing
Predictably, those members of the media who were locked out of a Q&A session with White House spokesman Sean Spicer,[...]
Starbucks' 'Brand Perception' Takes A Massive Hit After Announcing Plans To Hire 10,000 Refugees
About a month ago, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz decided to 'take a stand' in defiance of Trump's immigration executive order[...]
Gold Jumps Most In 2017 As 'Mnuchin Moment' Sparks Dollar Dump; Dow Tops 20,800
Mnuchin hit the reset button and then asset gatherers spent the day like this...   The Dow topped 20,800 shrugging[...]
"It's Unbelievable" – Martin Armstrong Rages "Mainstream Media Has Become Just Liars"
Submitted by Martin Armstrong via, Thomas Friedman of the New York Times demonstrates why mainstream media is just becoming[...]
DOJ Reverses Obama-Era Decision To Phase Out Private Prisons
Another day, another reversal of a legacy Obama policy. Moments ago, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions reversed an Obama-era memo[...]
Spot The (Presidential) Difference
Mirror, mirror on the Wall Street; who is the fairest of them all?     As NorthmanTrader notes, back then[...]
Watch Live As The Last Remaining Standing Rock Protesters Are Evicted By Police
Submitted by Nick Bernabe via The Anti Media After nearly a year of conflict, today may mark the last stand[...]