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"They're Baaack! And Why You Should Be Worried – Very Worried"
Authored by Mark St.Cyr, Bubbles are easy to spot – pinpointing when they’ll pop – is quite another. I coined[...]
Visualizing The World's Deepest Oil Well
In the world’s deepest gold mine, workers will venture 2.5 miles (4 km) below the Earth’s surface to extract from a[...]
Michael Hudson: Trump Is Obama's Legacy – Is This The End Of The Democratic Party?
Authored by Michael Hudson via, Nobody yet can tell whether Donald Trump is an agent of change with a[...]
Trump Obamacare Repeal Blew Up Bigly Because of a House Divided Against Itself
The following article by David Haggith is from The Great Recession Blog: Trump’s really big supporters openly grieved that the explosion of his emphatically promised Obamacare[...]
Pepe Escobar: Daesh, Creature Of The West
Authored Op-Ed by Pepe Escobar via, James Shea, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Emerging Threats at NATO – now that’s[...]
McCain: "The New World Order Is Under Enormous Strain"
It was a bumper day for John McCain when on Friday Donald Trump's Republican nemesis gloated as Trump's "art of[...]
Russophobia – Symptom Of US Implosion
Authored by Finian Cunningha, via The Strategic Culture Foundation, There was a time when Russophobia served as an effective form[...]
China Bans Buying Of Hong Kong Property On Credit Cards
In China's latest effort to control capital flight, authorities have banned Chinese citizens from buying property in Hong Kong using[...]